Oh, how we love Scandinavian looks! Especially if they have a minimalistic twist that adds fun to the room. Today’s article is about that. There are endless interior design inspiration sources on the internet, but nothing is as beautiful as this one by Emma B. Home. Keep reading to know more.

Emma B. Home is an interior design studio based in Hamburg, Germany, that focuses on planning and executing high-end residential and commercial projects. Led by the impressive interior designer Emma Brunckhorst, Emma B. Home has eye-pleasing aesthetics and a new revolutionizing perspective on interiors.

Following a “Think creatively, work in a structured way” philosophy, this interior design studio has the unique ability to turn ideas into turnkey rooms that are timeless and tailor-made to your lifestyle, taste and needs. Located in a historic backyard in Hamburg Rotherbaum, this two-level showroom offers flexibility and a transparent budget overview while following you through the process, from the inventory to the finishing touches. The final result always embodies a breathtaking design, encouraging its clients to break new ground and express their individuality.

It takes courage for change, and this interior design team has vast experience working with textiles, natural stones, surfaces, and other materials so you don’t have anything to worry about: every project is taken seriously and with great attention to detail. And we can’t get enough from Emma B. Home’s projects.

This way, Emma B. Home plays with contrasts, colours, and shapes to conceive a reinterpretation of elegance for a unique achievement, almost like a symphony. And, today, you are going to be able to see for yourself this marvellous melody.

This Hamburg Penthouse is nothing but boring. With a minimalistic Scandinavian look, Emma B. Home conceived an eye-catching interior that cannot go unnoticed. A mesmerising design that blends organic shapes and unusual materials for a soul-stirring project, where every detail matters.

With a view of downtown Hamburg, the surroundings of this modernized penthouse, a historic city palace, inspired Emma B. Home to go further, providing a fresh, eclectic breeze into the space, using natural materials for a pleasing aesthetic and a stunning result. Flowing between greens, earth and neutral tones, this composition brings a sense of nature through the classics and the modern. And we made part of it, with Eva Bar Chair.

Eva Bar Chair takes place in the kitchen and provides a purposeful perspective into the room. This statement option makes sure of a comfortable experience made to last, while the gentle and soft lines can guarantee you versatility.

Emma B. Home surely knows how to win the interior design game and decided to mix a contemporary design with a vintage vibe that, by the way, is one of the most trending designs at the moment but we will talk about that soon.

With a woven-work technique on the back, this handcrafted bar chair is also available in counter stool, armchair and chair versions, for you to add a fun twist to your project.

But when you take into consideration the full project, it is not surprising that the Hamburg Penthouse was part of “Best of Interior 2022” by Callwey, right? And, surely, it is part of our best interiors of this year, too.

Learn more about this interior design project here.

These are the projects that make us proud every day and make us work day after day with our motivation levels fulfilled. We feel like our duty is done and we couldn’t be happier about the outcome. We would love to know your thoughts about this divine setting!

Photography: Lisa Winter

Link: https://domkapa.com/en/2022/11/17/hamburg-penthouse-a-minimalist-scandinavian-look/